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About Us

The Telangana State Haj committee is constituted by an Act of Parliament called “Haj Committee Act -2002 (Central Act No.35 of 2002). Haj Committee is constituted for making arrangements for the pilgrimage of Muslims for Haj. It discharges its function through a committee constituted by Government and it follows the guidelines and directions issued by Central Haj Committee, Mumbai, Ministry of external affairs and Government of Telangana from time to time.


To collect and disseminate information useful to the pilgrims, and to arrange orientation training programs for pilgrims.To advise and assists pilgrims during their stay at Embarkation Point in Hyderabad while proceeding to or Returning from Pilgrimage in all matters including vaccination inoculation, issue of pilgrim passes and foreign exchange and also to liaison with local authorities concerned.

To advise and assist pilgrims during their stay at the embarkation point in India, while proceeding to or returning from pilgrimage, in all matters including vaccination, inoculation, medical inspection, issue of pilgrim passes and foreign exchange, and to liaise with the local authorities concerned in such matters.


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